Remove ice dams to prevent roof damage

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Ice Dams are formed when in winter conditions, heated air from the home migrates into the unheated attic through the ceiling, under insulated areas and through bypasses, such as light fixtures or exhaust systems found in kitchens and bathrooms. This creates warm areas on the roof and unevenly melts the underside of the snow that has accumulated on the roof. The melted snow flows down the roof until it reaches a colder spot, such as the eaves, where it refreezes, forming a back up of ice commonly called an ice dam.

The ice dam is a result of energy loss from inside the house, which could cost a homeowner hundreds of dollars or more. It could also lead to rotted roofs and rafters, ruined insulation, moisture inside the walls, mold and peeling paint. Proper attic ventilation can help prevent the conditions that contribute to ice dams.

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