Overland Park Roofing Discounts

5 Ways to Save on Your New Roof Replacement – Roof Discounts Overland Park

#1 Ask to Use Our $500 off Roof Coupon

That’s right – sometimes it is as easy as asking! Investing in a quality residential roof to protect your home and family is expensive, but discounts can help you save money while still affording the quality roof that you desire.

For instance, The Roofing Man is currently offering a coupon for $500 off your new residential roof replacement. Just ask, and our Kansas City roofing contractor will be happy to include the roofing discount coupon in your bid. Read More

Olathe – Prevent Snow Infiltration in your Roof

While we haven’t had too much snow yet this winter in the Kansas City area, snow is always a possibility in January and February. A common concern we hear about in this area is snow infiltration, which occurs in static vents and ridge vents.

Even when the installation of ventilation in your roof is done correctly, mother nature can create swirling wind conditions to push snow into the exhaust vents. Read More

Remove ice dams to prevent roof damage

Remove Ice Dams to Protect Your Home in Olathe

Call the Roofing Man today at (913) 381-2940 for a quote to remove ice dams from your roof.

Ice Dams are formed when in winter conditions, heated air from the home migrates into the unheated attic through the ceiling, under insulated areas and through bypasses, such as light fixtures or exhaust systems found in kitchens and bathrooms. This creates warm areas on the roof and unevenly melts the underside of the snow that has accumulated on the roof. The melted snow flows down the roof until it reaches a colder spot, such as the eaves, where it refreezes, forming a back up of ice commonly called an ice dam. Read More

Kansas City roofing contractor with CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator certification

Choosing a Qualified Kansas City Roofer– CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator™

When you need a Kansas City roof replacement, it is essential that your Kansas City roofing contractor is up-to-date on all the latest roofing products, technology and installation standards.

The Roofing Man stays informed on all the latest Overland Park roofing news and popular Overland Park roofing styles and installation techniques in order to ensure the longevity and quality of your residential roof replacement. With a focus on continuing education and employee training, the Roofing Man brings Olathe roofing expertise to every Olathe roofing project.

But don’t just take our word for it! The Roofing Man is a proud participant in the CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator program. Read More

GAF Master Elite Roofer in Overland Park

GAF Master Elite™ Roofing Contractors in Overland Park

Asking the Right Questions is the Key to Selecting the Right Overland Park Roofing Contractor. . .

To become a factory-certified GAF Master Elite™ Overland Park roofing contractor, The Roofing Man had to show that we are:

  • Fully Licensed by Kansas to perform roofing work**
  • Adequately Insured for your protection
  • Have a Proven Reputation for providing quality roofing services throughout the community
  • Committed to Ongoing Professional Training to ensure quality installation

Because of GAF’s stringent standards, only the top 3% of all roofing contractors have qualified as Master Elite™ contractors! The Roofing Man is a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor in Kansas, serving Kansas City, Overland Park, Olathe and the entire KC metro area. Read More

Dictionary of Olathe Roofing Terms

Olathe Roofing Terms Explained

What does that mean?

Talking about Kansas City roofs can seem like a completely different language. It is very confusing if you don’t understand all the terms that Kansas City roofers use. Here is a quick glossary of common roofing terms to help you get up to speed on all things roofing-related.

And remember, Olathe roofing expert Chris Hosch always has you covered. Call Chris at 913-381-2940 for a free roofing consultation or contact us via our online form. The Roofing Man is always more than happy to explain roofing terms so you’re not left wondering what on earth we are talking about! Read More

Cedar Shake Shingles for Kansas City Roofs

Cedar Shake Shingles: Traditional & Timeless Appeal for Overland Park Roofs

Wood shakes and shingles are a traditional and still very popular choice for residential roofs throughout the Kansas City area. Homeowners like the rustic, natural appearance that cedar roofs give to their homes.

Cedar Roof Basics

While wood roofing is an attractive and long lasting choice for Kansas City roofs, it is extremely important to choose a manufacturer that uses high quality wood for their shingles. The Roofing Man has many years experience with cedar shake shingle roofs and works with the finest quality manufacturers of wood shingles. We can help ensure that the wood shingles used on your home are of the utmost quality to stand up to the weather and conditions that a Kansas City roof must face. Read More

Composition Shingles: Affordable & Attractive for Kansas City Roofs

High quality composition shingles made from asphalt or fiberglass are an attractive, affordable and durable choice for Kansas City, Overland Park and Olathe roofs.

Composition shingles are available in a wide variety of styles and colors to complement the design and enhance the beauty of your home.

For Overland Park roof replacements, composition shingles are a good choice because they are low maintenance. Most brands offer Class A fire protection, which is an excellent choice to make your roof more fire resistant. Read More

Signs you need a New Kansas City Roof

Having the proverbial “roof over your head” is often something that we take for granted in the Kansas City area. But, if your home has ever had a leaky roof, you know how important it is to regularly inspect your roof and make sure that it is ready to handle any weather that Kansas City is ready to throw at it, whether that is snow in May or hail in January!

So how do you even know you need a new roof? The lifespan of your Overland Park roof depends on the materials it is made out of, the quality of the installation and the climate. If you suspect problems, or if you just want to be proactive, grab a good flashlight and head to your attic. In the attic, take a look for these signs that your Kansas City roof needs repairs or replacement: Read More

Extreme Shingle Testing – GAF Roofing in Kansas City

Wondering if GAF shingles are tough enough to stand up to Kansas City’s weather? Trying to pick the best roof replacement option to protect your home in Overland Park, Olathe or elsewhere in the Kansas City metro?

Check out this video from GAF to see why GAF shingles are a safe choice as they subject their Timberline® shingles to: “hurricane-force” winds and torrential downpours. They even blow ’em up! Read More