Cedar Shake Shingles for Kansas City Roofs

Wood shakes and shingles are a traditional and still very popular choice for residential roofs throughout the Kansas City area. Homeowners like the rustic, natural appearance that cedar roofs give to their homes.

Cedar Roof Basics

While wood roofing is an attractive and long lasting choice for Kansas City roofs, it is extremely important to choose a manufacturer that uses high quality wood for their shingles. The Roofing Man has many years experience with cedar shake shingle roofs and works with the finest quality manufacturers of wood shingles. We can help ensure that the wood shingles used on your home are of the utmost quality to stand up to the weather and conditions that a Kansas City roof must face.

The primary wood roofing types are shakes and shingles. Shingles are thinner, smooth cut, and provide a neat and consistent appearance. Shakes are thicker, often hand-split on the face (showing the wood grain) and installed with longer exposures – all of which results in a rougher and more rustic appearance.

The quality of wood roofing products can be determined by evaluating for the thickness as well as the vertical grain of the wood. Wood roofing products are also available with pressure treatments for fungus prevention and fire retardance.

Maintenance of Cedar Roofs

If a cedar roof does not receive any maintenance it may last 10 years or more, depending on the climate. Kansas City’s cedar roofs can be prolonged by proper maintenance and preservation techniques.

Basic cedar roof maintenance includes debris removal, cleaning to remove build up of growth such as algae, fungi and moss, and application of a wood preservative.  Annual inspections for cedar roofs are especially important in order to determine when this maintenance is required, but it’s usually needed every 3 to 5 years.

Every 10 to 15 years, a cedar roof should be restored.  The restoration process includes repairs to the roofing system, including replacement of shakes and ridge caps as necessary.

Cedar Roof Alternatives

It is important to note that if you like the look of cedar shake shingles for your Kansas City roofing project, but would prefer a low maintenance alternative, several roofing manufacturers offer cedar-look shingles that mimic the look, color and texture of cedar shingles. The Roofing Man can recommend high quality cedar-look shingles that will look traditional and natural, but perform well with less maintenance.

For More Information About Kansas City Cedar Roofs

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