When to Replace Roofing: 5 Signs to Look For

When to Replace Roofing: 5 Signs to Look For

Is your roof starting to show signs of age? Are your neighbors replacing their roofs after hail or other extreme weather? If you’re wondering when to replace roofing or when to repair it, it’s time to talk to a roofing professional.

Before you commit to a contractor, you should always make sure that they’re certified by the Better Business Bureau. We’ll walk you through five signs that you need a new roof and help you get started with a reputable roofing company.

1. Aging Roof

Most asphalt shingles last about 20 years. If you live in a snowy area or an area that is prone to getting hail, you might have more damage to your roof than you realize. Newer metal shingles and roofing panels typically carry a 50-year warranty and can seriously raise your home’s resale value.

Stone-coated steel and hail-resistant shingles can also make a world of difference when it’s time to sell your home. The installation of these durable roofing materials is typically between $6 and $12 per square foot. Talk to your roofing contractor and they can give you an estimate before they start repairs. They may be able to save sections of your roof, but they might have to replace the entire thing.

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Hail Damage Kansas City

Save Money with a Hail Resistant Roof in Overland Park!

Hail is a regular spring and summertime occurrence in Kansas and Missouri. Hail damage to your roof is costly to fix, and often requires a full re-roof.

Why is hail damage such a problem? Many people assume that the damage caused by hail is merely cosmetic, and isn’t cause for concern. This is not true. When hail hits your roof, the protective granules are knocked off where the hail strikes. Over time, the damage will accelerate and eventually cause problems. Read More

Overland Park Roofing Discounts

5 Ways to Save on Your New Roof Replacement – Roof Discounts Overland Park

#1 Ask to Use Our $500 off Roof Coupon

That’s right – sometimes it is as easy as asking! Investing in a quality residential roof to protect your home and family is expensive, but discounts can help you save money while still affording the quality roof that you desire.

For instance, The Roofing Man is currently offering a coupon for $500 off your new residential roof replacement. Just ask, and our Kansas City roofing contractor will be happy to include the roofing discount coupon in your bid. Read More

Olathe – Prevent Snow Infiltration in your Roof

While we haven’t had too much snow yet this winter in the Kansas City area, snow is always a possibility in January and February. A common concern we hear about in this area is snow infiltration, which occurs in static vents and ridge vents.

Even when the installation of ventilation in your roof is done correctly, mother nature can create swirling wind conditions to push snow into the exhaust vents. Read More

GAF Master Elite Roofer in Overland Park

GAF Master Elite™ Roofing Contractors in Overland Park

Asking the Right Questions is the Key to Selecting the Right Overland Park Roofing Contractor. . .

To become a factory-certified GAF Master Elite™ Overland Park roofing contractor, The Roofing Man had to show that we are:

  • Fully Licensed by Kansas to perform roofing work**
  • Adequately Insured for your protection
  • Have a Proven Reputation for providing quality roofing services throughout the community
  • Committed to Ongoing Professional Training to ensure quality installation

Because of GAF’s stringent standards, only the top 3% of all roofing contractors have qualified as Master Elite™ contractors! The Roofing Man is a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor in Kansas, serving Kansas City, Overland Park, Olathe and the entire KC metro area. Read More

Composition Shingles: Affordable & Attractive for Kansas City Roofs

High quality composition shingles made from asphalt or fiberglass are an attractive, affordable and durable choice for Kansas City, Overland Park and Olathe roofs.

Composition shingles are available in a wide variety of styles and colors to complement the design and enhance the beauty of your home.

For Overland Park roof replacements, composition shingles are a good choice because they are low maintenance. Most brands offer Class A fire protection, which is an excellent choice to make your roof more fire resistant. Read More

New Kansas Roofing Law in Effect July 2013

The Roofing Man, Inc is a Registered Roofing Contractor in Kansas (Certificate #13-115289)

A new Kansas law took effect in July 2013 which requires roofing contractors to register annually with the attorney general’s office before they can be paid for their work. The new law was enacted this year by legislators and is designed to protect consumers.

The law says that roofing contractors must obtain an annual certificate from the attorney general’s office to solicit business or collect fees for residential or commercial jobs. Read More

Residential Roof Replacement Overland Park

Overland Park Roofing Customer Spotlight

One of the things that Overland Park homeowners Sarah & Colin Humphrey liked about their home when they bought it in 2007 was that it had a brand new, “50-year” roof. They wanted a home that would be safe and sound for their growing family that wouldn’t require a lot of maintenance or additional costs.

The Hail Storm ….

Flash forward to Spring 2009, and a typical Kansas City hail storm did its worst to their roof. In addition to damaging the composite shingles on their Overland Park roof, their window screens were dented, one window was broken, the gutters were knocked low and the backyard swing set and wood fence were dented and marred by hail.

Of course, roof hail damage is hard to see on a composite roof if you aren’t trained in what to look for, and especially if you’re just looking from ground level. They assumed their Overland Park roof was just fine, especially since they were told by the Realtor that it was a “50-year” roof. That is, of course, until they noticed all their neighbors were getting new roofs installed. Read More