When to Replace Roofing: 5 Signs to Look For

When to Replace Roofing: 5 Signs to Look For

Is your roof starting to show signs of age? Are your neighbors replacing their roofs after hail or other extreme weather? If you’re wondering when to replace roofing or when to repair it, it’s time to talk to a roofing professional.

Before you commit to a contractor, you should always make sure that they’re certified by the Better Business Bureau. We’ll walk you through five signs that you need a new roof and help you get started with a reputable roofing company.

1. Aging Roof

Most asphalt shingles last about 20 years. If you live in a snowy area or an area that is prone to getting hail, you might have more damage to your roof than you realize. Newer metal shingles and roofing panels typically carry a 50-year warranty and can seriously raise your home’s resale value.

Stone-coated steel and hail-resistant shingles can also make a world of difference when it’s time to sell your home. The installation of these durable roofing materials is typically between $6 and $12 per square foot. Talk to your roofing contractor and they can give you an estimate before they start repairs. They may be able to save sections of your roof, but they might have to replace the entire thing.

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BBB A+ Roofing Company

Is Your Kansas City Roofing Contractor Accredited by the Better Business Bureau? The Roofing Man is!

The Roofing Man has an A+ BBB Rating

When you trust a roofing contractor with your home, it is important to make sure that they are trustworthy and committed to high standards in the residential roofing business.

One way of making sure that you can trust your Kansas City roofing contractor is to verify that they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Kansas City. The BBB helps people find and recommend businesses, brands, and charities they can trust. According to the BBB of Kansas City website:

“For over 100 years, BBB has helped people make smarter decisions and is evolving to meet fast changing marketplace needs. Read More

Remove ice dams to prevent roof damage

Remove Ice Dams to Protect Your Home in Olathe

Call the Roofing Man today at (913) 381-2940 for a quote to remove ice dams from your roof.

Ice Dams are formed when in winter conditions, heated air from the home migrates into the unheated attic through the ceiling, under insulated areas and through bypasses, such as light fixtures or exhaust systems found in kitchens and bathrooms. This creates warm areas on the roof and unevenly melts the underside of the snow that has accumulated on the roof. The melted snow flows down the roof until it reaches a colder spot, such as the eaves, where it refreezes, forming a back up of ice commonly called an ice dam. Read More

Kansas City roofing contractor with CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator certification

Choosing a Qualified Kansas City Roofer– CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator™

When you need a Kansas City roof replacement, it is essential that your Kansas City roofing contractor is up-to-date on all the latest roofing products, technology and installation standards.

The Roofing Man stays informed on all the latest Overland Park roofing news and popular Overland Park roofing styles and installation techniques in order to ensure the longevity and quality of your residential roof replacement. With a focus on continuing education and employee training, the Roofing Man brings Olathe roofing expertise to every Olathe roofing project.

But don’t just take our word for it! The Roofing Man is a proud participant in the CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator program. Read More

Dictionary of Olathe Roofing Terms

Olathe Roofing Terms Explained

What does that mean?

Talking about Kansas City roofs can seem like a completely different language. It is very confusing if you don’t understand all the terms that Kansas City roofers use. Here is a quick glossary of common roofing terms to help you get up to speed on all things roofing-related.

And remember, Olathe roofing expert Chris Hosch always has you covered. Call Chris at 913-381-2940 for a free roofing consultation or contact us via our online form. The Roofing Man is always more than happy to explain roofing terms so you’re not left wondering what on earth we are talking about! Read More

New Kansas Roofing Law in Effect July 2013

The Roofing Man, Inc is a Registered Roofing Contractor in Kansas (Certificate #13-115289)

A new Kansas law took effect in July 2013 which requires roofing contractors to register annually with the attorney general’s office before they can be paid for their work. The new law was enacted this year by legislators and is designed to protect consumers.

The law says that roofing contractors must obtain an annual certificate from the attorney general’s office to solicit business or collect fees for residential or commercial jobs. Read More